About Builder

Daniels Corporation has been in the construction industry for over 50 years. The company consists of visionary developers who have constructed a number of condominiums and homes in various parts of Toronto and its environs.
Daniels has a passion of building all types of structures and is a top contractor credited with creating vibrant communities. As builder, Daniels looks beyond mortar and bricks and incorporates cultural and economic infrastructure n his job.  Daniel’s corporate philosophy is commitment to whatever he does.  He has built more than 26,000 award winning condos, homes and apartments.  Also, he has built mixed –use communities, retail spaces and is reputed as a top Canada’s leading developer.

Daniels has not only built magnificent structures in Canada, but is a towering figure in North America as well. His career in the construction industry has spanned for a period of over 50 years. John Daniels served as a chairman of Cadillac Fairview Development Corporation and left his footmarks wherever he went as he served as the chairman of the corporation.  He has developed a number of landmarks in Canada. Daniels Corporation constructed the Mississauga based Erin mills community.